Designer for clean rooms, labs and plants.

DERU is one of the leading designers of complex clean room or lab projects for research and manufacturing nation-wide.
The DERU competence reaches from the engineering of building services and the planning of the media supply to issues of the GMP qualification. Additionally to new constructions, DERU supervises complex conversions, expansions or relocations of special labs and production facilities of any cleanliness classes.

Clean room

Complete clean room planning for research and production facilities in any required protection and cleanliness classes.

Flur eines Reinraums

New construction of the MAIN at the TU Chemnitz

 Forschung und Lehre

Engineering of any technical systems for a lab facility including a clean room as well as physical and chemical labs.
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Perfectly designed workrooms for science and industry by highly sophisticated building design, media and facility planning.


New construction of the main building for European XFEL

 Neubau Hauptgebäude der European XFEL GmbH Forschung und Lehre

DERU designed the technical installations as well as the lab equipment for the new laboratory facility in Schenefeld.
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Design of optimal work environments for high-tech enterprises with superior quality standards.


New construction of a production facility in Berlin

 Produktionsgebäude für AEMtec Halbleiter

General engineering of a production and administration facility including a clean room for the AEMtec GmbH in the technology park Berlin Adlershof.
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