Building services

The optimal technical "basic supply" of laboratories or highly specialised production facilities is inevitable for their economic efficiency.

The professional design of the building technology has a high priority in any building project. The focus is on efficient use of resources, on ecological aspects and not least on a balanced cost-benefit ratio.

This basically applies to the building services of educational, research and production facilities as well, although their demands are significantly higher. The common functions of the building technology are integrated in a comprehensive technological network, the requirements and dimensions of which vary considerably with each project. The media supply e.g. has to be customised for the machinery of each individual clean room production facility. The air-conditioning technology of a research lab has to be tailor-made for the technologically essential particle cleanliness classes and security levels. Moreover, a number of monitoring and control systems have to be considered; their integration needs to be taken into account in the planning phase already.

The DERU design competence results from a long-standing experience and is marked by an integral approach. When planning and consulting, the DERU experts do not only consider current technologies and materials. They always keep an eye on the cost effectiveness of the future operations.