Energy technology

The responsible handling of limited resources is gaining in significance. DERU is well prepared for the future.

Sunrise industries as the solar industry, microelectronics or Life Science represent the core client group of DERU. Their requirements with regard to sustainable energy technologies have proven to be extremely high. Therefore, DERU has been dealing with innovative energy technological solutions for many years now and may thus provide its clients a broad expertise in this sector.

For reducing the consumption of fossil fuels for clean room and lab projects, the company plans highly efficient CHPs and projects plants for recovering energy from exhaust air, waste water and refrigeration systems.

Whenever possible and economic, the DERU engineers create a concept for using renewable energies as geothermal energy or photovoltaics. The conception of energy storing systems as well by flywheel or thermal component activation is part of the service portfolio.

Reliable energy-technological calculations form the basis therefore. In addition to an analysis of the energy flows of energy supply and consumption systems or simulated calculations, the economic efficiency of any planned systems is considered.