Hook up

The hook up engineering for clean rooms, labs and production facilities represents one of DERU's core competences.

This is one of the last and most sensitive phases when implementing new lab or clean room projects for research institutes and high-tech enterprises. The preparation of this phase needs much of the experience DERU has gathered in the course of the previous decades.

A basic layout forms the essence of every professional hook up engineering. It comprises the technical equipment of each room; and it furthermore contains detailed information with regard to future workflows as well as occupational and health requirements. On this basis, DERU engineers work out a comprehensive hook up concept including the optimum position of each individual module and any necessary installations as vibration-damping underframes, electromagnetic shielding, sound proofing equipment or darkening. Analogous, a design is made for the distribution and regulation of the media, which is as customised for the user as the systems for gas monitoring and chemicals detections are.

A precise flowchart for the systematic connection of any media constitutes the perfect hook up finish. In practice, this process is monitored by DERU specialists if desired. They may also train the coworkers dealing with the new system.