Supply and disposal technology

A tailor-made design of the media supply is inevitable for the success of high-tech enterprises and research institutes.

Efficiency and security are the decisive factors for the supply technology of labs or clean rooms. State-of-the-art machinery and systems in this sector mostly pose highest demands with regard to cleanliness and dosing accuracy of technical gases or liquids. Whenever an uninterruptible availability is mandatory, the DERU specialists optionally design redundancy or substitutional units. For growing enterprises, flexibly used clean rooms or research labs, DERU designs customised variable supply solutions which very well meet the requirements posed on the company when expanding and when faced with changing user requirements.

In addition to the customers' wishes, the issue of security is given top priority in the planning process. Systems for toxic, inflammable or explosive media are designed complying with the highest safety standards to minimise exposure of coworkers and environment. This also applies to plants for disposing and discharging of any kind of media, which are projected according to the respectively applicable guidelines and standards. If requested, a DERU team monitors the test operation of media systems on site or realises their installation and operational qualification.