Construction supervision

In order to meet each planning standard during the implementation, DERU realises a competent monitoring of the construction phase.

Trust is a good thing, control ... helps saving. This is true since any deviation from the cost and time schedule means extra expenses for the client. This becomes even more critical with quality deficiencies in the lab, clean room or production area. If desired, DERU has experienced construction supervisors available, who monitor the construction process under the aspects of the high requirements in the high-tech industries. These supervisors cooperate closely with the technical engineers at DERU. This way, the right decision can always be made. In a construction record, construction process, deadlines and decision made are precisely documented. Then, any steps taken remain comprehensible even after completion of the project. The technical acceptance of the systems is done by DERU experts as well. Furthermore, they join the client when preparing certification processes by administrative bodies and authorities.

After completion of the construction works, the client is provided with the entire revision documents, manuals and test protocols as well as any statutes of limitation for any possible claims.