A highly specialised market needs consultants with comprehensive technical competence who think economically and strategically.

DERU clients have to prove themselves in an extremely dynamic competitive environment; be it enterprises in the microelectronics or solar industry or research. The enormous innovation pace in these sectors makes any investment a strategic decision. At what point can novel technologies be applied efficiently? Where is need for modernisations? Is it advisable to convert the existing system?
These are just some of the many issues, the DERU consultants are asked to tackle when developing workable solutions with their clients. On the basis of previous projects, they can show reliable figures for planning the budget and may provide sound data for calculating profitability or future operating costs. As objective advisers, the experts are available for checking designs already worked up. They are right there when an alternative technical solution is searched.

As a matter of course, any relevant guidelines and standards are complied with from ATEX to DIN or ISPE to GMP.

The DERU consulting service at a glance:

  • Determination of the project requirements
  • Compilation of the specifications
  • Preliminary engineering as the basis for decision making processes
  • Feasibility studies and optimisation concepts
  • Risk assessment and quality assurance
  • Determination of alternative locations, scenario of building options as well as budgeting costs
  • Design reviews