Superior engineering quality from just one source – this has been the basis for the success of a number of DERU clients since 1992.

Given the innovation pressure in the DERU clients' sectors, the complexity of the realised projects has been rising for years now. Clean rooms, special labs and high-tech production facilities are asked for in ever increasing dimensions together with ever growing requirements. This proves true for the high purity media supply as well as for security parameters or process quality.

The DERU designers have been meeting these challenges for three decades now. DERU's viable planning complexity has been accruing since 1992. Today, the company may render services from the design of single systems to the planning of fully equipped laboratory facilities.

This wide experience has resulted in a broad data base that provides realistic cost levels in the conceptual planning already. This then enables reasonable investment and operational cost estimations. DERU's clients benefit from the company's experience from a large number of approval procedures since this results in short periods for positive administrative decisions.

In the conceptual phase already, 3D studies may minimise the project risk for critical sectors. Thus, negative surprises may be prevented in the following detailed planning until the awarding. Where a contracting entity is a public authority, DERU may join them passing the required award procedures.

The DERU planning services at a glance:

Conceptual planning

  • Basic engineering
  • Approval engineering

Detailed planning

  • Detail engineering
  • Preparation of the award, specification for tenders, BOQ/MTO
  • Assistance in the award procedures
  • Checking and evaluating offers

Further services

  • Contract negotiations
  • Checking of blue prints and assembly drawings