Further services

If wished for, DERU takes over project management tasks or acts as a general contractor.

For most builders, every larger project means a special challenge, which does not exactly belong to their core competences. Since managing complex building projects for clean rooms and laboratories represents the DERU day-to-day business, the company takes pride in supporting their clients as a project manager. Specifically trained DERU staff act as an interface between builders, planners, administrative bodies, craftspeople, suppliers and any other parties involved. As central contact persons, these project managers organise a smooth procedure and clear points at issue before problems arise. This DERU project management also includes tracking of deadlines and budget.

For small-sized building projects, DERU may act as a general contractor too. The clients may focus on their daily business and may expect a turnkey system after completion of the construction; be it a clean room, a lab or a production facility. The DERU team coordinates the entire building project from A to Z within the scope of its authorisation and remains the single contact partner for the client.

General contractor services at a glance:

  • Engineering services
  • Validation and qualification service
  • Construction services
  • Provision of equipment
  • Start up operations
  • Performance record
  • Staff trainings
  • Documentation